Scope of the track:

  • All the relevant papers on Accounting, and Accounting Information System. For a specific topic, please talk to your faculty member who will guide you throughout this journey.
  • All the relevant papers on Management or Human Resource Management. For a specific topic, students are advised to discuss this matter with your faculty member (teaching these courses at your university having well-research background) who will guide you throughout this journey.
  • All the relevant papers on Marketing area will be accepted. For a specific topic, students are advised to discuss this matter with your faculty member who will guide you throughout this journey in selecting topic to writing a paper.
  • All the relevant papers on Finance and Banking. For a specific topic, students are advised to discuss this matter with your faculty member who will guide you throughout this journey.
  • All the relevant papers on Economics. For a specific topic, students are advised to discuss this matter with your faculty member who will guide you throughout this journey.

Sub-Topics for URS 2019

These are some of the examples of the topics (but not limited to) for students who want to carry out research and write a good paper on any of those topic that draw researcher’s attention. You are requested to discuss with your faculty supervisor of your university or you can also select faculty supervisor from other university as well to finalize the topic and the title of your research article. It is to be noted that author/student can pair up with other university student to write a paper. Please remember, this is just a sample of topics on various tracks, you can do research on any topic of your interest that fits into any of the FIVE Tracks of the event.


TRACK 1: Accounting and AIS- sub topics

o          Forensic accounting

o          Corporate sustainability reporting

o          Internal control

o          Corporate Governance

o          Tax/ VAT

o          Audit

o          CSR reporting

o          Management accounting issues such as cost management, budget, performance analysis

o          Accounting Information Systems

o          Financial performance evaluation of the corporate entities

o          Automation and its’ effect on accounting


TRACK 2: Economics- sub topics

o          Labor/Health Economics

o          Financial/Developmental Economics

o          Managerial Economics

o          Agricultural Economics

o          Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

o          Banking sector-Liquidity crisis, fraudulency, e-money

o          Environmental economics

o          International Trade

o          RMG sector and its economic contribution

o          Family income/wealth or education effect on Child health/mortality

o          Cost-Benefit analysis of Metro Rail

o          Cost-Benefit analysis of cleaning Buriganga river

o          Behavioral Economics

o          Monetary Economics

o          Micro-Finance


TRACK 3: Finance and Banking- sub topics

o          Banks and Banking Services

o          Risk Management of Commercial Banks

o          Islamic finance/SME finance

o          Initial Public Offerings

o          Stock market volatility/Efficiency

o          Capital structure/Dividend policy issues for listed firms

o          Mutual funds management

o          Foreign exchange markets

o          Corporate Social Responsibility

o          Non-Performing Loan

o          Stress Testing

o          Business Culture and Dishonesty

o          Regulatory Role of Central Bank

o          Impact of Banking Sector in Economy

o          Development of Entrepreneurship

o          Customer Satisfaction

o          Performance Analysis

o          Investment Decision

o          SME Lending

o          Mobile Financial Service

o          Ethical Issues

o          Credit Risk Management

o          Foreign Exchange Risk Management

o          Interest Rate Risk Management

o          Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility in Banking Industry of Bangladesh.

o          NPL Trend of Private Banking Sector.

o          NPL Trend of Public Banking Sector.

o          Corporate Social Responsibility by Islamic Banks.

o          Stress Testing of Banking Sector of Bangladesh.

o          Business Culture and Dishonesty in the Banking Industry

o          Regulatory Role Performed by Bangladesh Bank and the Outcome.

o          Banking sector and its impact on economy of Bangladesh.

o          Profit Earning and CSR Activities of Banking Industry.

o          Role of Private Banks in Development of Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh.

o          Customer Satisfaction in Banking Sector of Bangladesh.

o          Performance Analysis of Bank and Non-Bank Financial Institution of Bangladesh.

o          Comparison of Performance Between Islamic and Conventional Banks.

o          Factors Influencing Investment Decision of Banking Sector.

o          Bangladesh Banking Industry: Challenges and Opportunities.

o          Small Business Lending of Banking Sector.

o          Role of Mobile Financial Service (Ex: bkash) in Online Business.

o          Trend Analysis of Mobile Financial Service in Bangladesh.

o          Ethical Issues in Banking Industry.

o          Credit Risk Management in Banking Industry of Bangladesh.

o          The Effect of Credit Risk Management on Banks’ Profitability

o          Foreign Exchange Risk Management in Banks of Bangladesh.

o          Interest Rate Risk Management of Commercial Banks of Bangladesh.

o          Analysis of interest rate spread in banking sector in Bangladesh.

o          The Use of Derivatives to Manage Interest Rate Risk in Commercial Banks.


TRACK 4: Management and HRM- sub topics

o          Power delegation and decentralization

o          Organizational leadership

o          Innovation management

o          Strategic management

o          Technology management

o          Total quality management (TQM)

o          Management information system (MIS)

o          Entrepreneurship development

o          Small business management

o          Human capital management

o          Talent management

o          Strategic human resource management

o          Learning and development

o          Strategic performance management

o          Human resource information system (HRIS)

o          Employee motivation

o          Employee relation

o          Organizational commitment

o          Work life balance

o          HRM practices

o          Employee turnover and turnover intention

o          Employee engagement

o          Perceived organizational supports

o          Training and development

o          Performance appraisal

o          Human resource planning

o          Talent management

o          Knowledge management

o          Job analysis

o          Job satisfaction

o          Compensation and benefit package

o          Organizational behavior

o          Psychological contract


TRACK 5: Marketing- sub topics

o          Customer Based Brand Equity

o          Brand Trust

o          Customer Engagement

o          Brand Experience

o          Brand Personality

o          Service Quality Perceptions

o          Customer Service Switching Behavior

o          Attitude toward the brand extension

o          Customer attitude toward the country of origin

o          Relationship Marketing

o          Social Media Marketing

o          Compulsive Buying Behavior

o          Marketing Ethics

o          Customer Attitude toward green labeling/green marketing

o          Internal Branding

o          Segmentation, targeting and differentiation issues

o          Cultural context of marketing

o          New product development

o          Marketing to young consumers

o          Digital Marketing

o          Advertising and promotion

o          Pricing issues

o          Retailing in developing economies

o          B2B marketing

o          Global Market and Bangladesh

o          Market Competitiveness

o          Agricultural Marketing

o          Marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

o          Consumer behavior in emerging economies